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Alonso captures the amazing Tifosi!

10 Sep

Ferrari and Alonso gave plenty for the tifosi to cheer about at the Italian GP 2012. Fernando, starting 10th on the grid led an early charge to pick up places and Massa did well to finish 4th. Had it not been for late tyre degration which handed the late charging Sergio Perez the second spot, the 2 Ferraris were all set to finish 2nd and 3rd! But not before Jenson Button (fuel pump issue), Sebastian Vettel (Alternator issue again) and Mark Webber (Tyre degradation) had to retire. As a result, Alonso now extends his lead at the front in the driver’s championship to 37 points from Lewis Hamilton (142 points) and Kimi Raikkonen (141 points). Mercedes finished a healthy 6th and 7th.

Alonso after trophy presentation

Schumacher, once again, is outshining Nico Rosberg towards the second half of a season. The race might have just opened up another debate regarding Vettel’s driver through penalty for ‘pushing’ off the track at Curva Grande. In my opinion it was touch and go but then again, pushing the championship leader to the edge at a flat out corner might have been a little too much. It didnt matter in the end as Vettel had to retire.

Championship wise, Button’s charge almost looks all but over while Kimi has very silently moved into the third spot. He is yet to win a race this season but has been very┬áconsistent. Could it be just like the 2003 season when with only 1 win he finished just 2 points short of eventual champion Schumacher. Alonso has done a lot of damage limitation and Massa is also beginning to take some points off his challengers. Spa and Monza were always meant to help Ferrari due to the less aerodynamic grip requirement but would it all start to move back towards Red Bull in the 7 fly away races? Ideally Alonso and Ferrari would have loved to improve their 40 point lead going into the summer break to something in the range of 60-70.

As far as the driver market goes, there are just too many possibilities. Hamilton might head to Mercedes with either Nico or Schumacher heading to Ferrari, looks unlikely but who knows. Hamilton is good friends with Nico so that makes some sense. Hamilton’s recent rant has done little to suggest that he wants to remain at McLaren. If thats seat open up, then di Resta or Kimi would be the first to pounce. On the other hand, Massa is trying everything to keep his 2013 Ferrari drive but if that doesn’t happen then Perez or the Force India drivers could be good candidates. Or will it be a swap between Ferrari and Sauber for Perez and Massa. Perez’s drive at Monza has only strengthened his case and Sauber being a Ferrari customer team makes it even more logical.

We will know what happens in the coming weeks. Singapore GP is up next in 2 weeks time, but before that 2 more minor events.

  • McLaren road show at Mumbai, Lewis will drive on Marine drive on 16th Sept
  • Young Driver’s test at Magny Cours for Ferrari, Mercedes and Force India on 11-13 Sept 2012
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