2012 Formula 1 British Grand Prix, July 7, 2012 FP3

7 Jul

Silverstone finally had a fully dry practice session and teams made the most of it with most teams clocking 20+ laps. Last race’s winner Fernando Alonso, finished P1 with his Brazillian teammate in P16. It could be possible that both were on different testing schedules to make the most of the limited dry track time available. The top 10 cars were covered by under a second but a lot could change in the qualifying session in the evening.

Kimi had an off at the start of the session but was able to recover without any damage to his Lotus. It will be very important for Kimi to have a good race here. Grosjean has looked better bet in the past few races. The Mercedes of Schumacher and Rosberg set early pace in the session. di Resta and Kobayashi also had moments due to the slippery surface but with continuous running, the track will get drier. It did rain for a few minutes but that didn’t affect the track conditions. Track temperature remained mostly around 24 deg cel. Major incidents of the session were caused by Charles Pic whose Marussia stopped around the 22 minute mark. The session had to be red flagged to recover the car. When Pic went out for a run in the final 5 minutes of the session, his car stopped but this time yellow flags were enough.

Alonso’s P1 time was threatened briefly by Kobayashi just minutes from the end of the session. Kobayashi had just set 2 purple sectors but had an off in sector 3 resulting in losing his front wing. Button and Vettel did set quick lap times during the final 10 minutes but were still 2 to 3 tenths off Alonso’s time. Ferrari will hope that Alonso maintains this position in the qualifying. What happens in real, we will know very soon.


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